Sarahlyn U. Phillips

Sarahlyn Argrow inspired and challenged us at November's Lead n Link meeting: "Light is something that makes things Visible ( Am I light? Yes I am licensed to Inspire the Gift of Hope that is Timeless. So what does this mean?

I was so deep in darkness and did not know where to turn. My inside light was so covered with hurt, disappointment, humiliation, shame and low self esteem. But through perseverance, determination and hearing the will of God I was able to muster up that great big ball of Light and it began to shine like no other light in in this universe.

The women and children that I serve, that were assigned to my light are now allowing their light to shine.


All of this happened when I stopped looking at my circumstances, the mistakes I had made and what everyone was saying about me. My light was being totally and utterly smothered by what I allowed others to label me with and even what I thought about myself. I was my very own worst enemy. My thoughts played a great part in the smothering of my light.

You make yourselves visible when you use your inner light to shine on the outside. No one can see your inner light unless you allow them to see it.


Make sure you use your license to show your inner light on the outside. No matter who you are there is someone that is in need of your light to shine. Not only will you prosper, move forward and be productive in life, but as your light shines like a big ball of fire so will the person or persons on the side of you, the person or the persons behind and even the person or persons that are in front of you, because they are waiting to pass that baton to you so that it can keep pulling others forward.


In other words you must allow your thoughts, your knowledge, your emotions, your intelligence, your love, your talent and so on grow into a great big ball of light and share it with the world."